Hello beautiful girls,

Today, I am writing my post about the journey I trust the God. For my post, I just would like to connect and share my story to everyone who read my article. Besides that, I really would like to create a group for Christian Girls to gather and share our stories that how to be a Christian Girl. So, next paragraph is my story. Don’t worry, you can share your story, too in my post at the bottom.

My story ( How I am to be the Christian Girl)

I was born and grew up in Vietnam and my family is Buddhist. I remembered that I went to Buddhist temple when I was a little girl. And my mom strongly believes the Buddhist and she always reminds me about the religion until now. But, when I was 21 years old, my parents decided to give for me a chance to study abroad in Canada. They wanted me to have the bright future and the great education in the development country. To be honest, I had a great environment education to study and develop my abilities. While time, I have lived in Canada, my aunt that introduced and brought me to a church. For the first time, I came the church my feeling was uncomfortable because I was the Buddhist and I never though that once day I believed the God who is Jesus. After 9 months I went to the church, I heard a master to speech about the Jesus, He died for our sins and importantly Jesus loves us so much even though you are believer Him or unbeliever Him. This is the main point that I decided to believe and offer my life to Him. At that time, I realized that it was a hard time to persuade my parents who strongly have faithfully to the Buddhist to accept my belief. However, instead of worrying and hiding my issue, I pray to Jesus and offer my problem to Him every night before sleeping. I trust once day my parents will understand and agree to my decision and hopefully in the future they will believe my Father, too. This was my journey to become the Christian Girl. I really would like to say thank you my Lord too much because I am still trusting Him and He never leaves me alone, He is always besides, supports, encourages and resolves my issues throughout my praying. Thank you so much my Father and I am proud of when I am the daughter King. So, this is my story and now your turn. I really would like to read your story and share your story to everyone who knows or unknowns the Jesus. As our story will inspire one person to find out and believe my Father who died for everyone sins and love us to unconditionally.

How to live fully through my Faith

I have committed my faith to my Father for 3 years. Absolutely, my commitment has the valid forever. In the paragraph, I am going to share my way to follow up and obey the God. Every day, in the morning I spend around 30 minutes to pray, connect my God, then say to thank you, Him for my sleeping well. If I go to my work, I will pray for Him to protect and keep myself within His arms. Otherwise, I turn on TV to find out some Christian songs following to sing and keeping saying thank you my Lord for everything He does in my life. Besides that, I read the bible, too. Reading bible is the most important way to come closely my Father because this is an only way to know and obey what my Father would like to teach and tell me. For His lesson, I am feeling that I grow up every day, be happy and be satisfied to everything He brings for my life. I learn once thing from the bible that I should love and assist not only my family, my lover and my friends but also enemies, attackers and bad person. To be honest, it is very hard for me to love them but He reminds me that He loves everyone who loves or hates Him by His unconditional love, even He died for our sins so I must learn and obey the bible which is the lessons from the God. I have a motivated that if I hardly learn and abide by the Bible every day, I will have an opportunity to get closely my Father and definitely once day in the future, I will meet Him in the heaven and He will be happy about His daughter. One more things, I have a chance to participate the Bible Group to study, encourage, support and pray each other’s based on the Bible. The group is very useful for us to improve, develop and obey His teaching within in my life by encouragement, supportion and assistant each other. Finally, I always go to the Church on Sunday to worship and praise be to God. All of the above I shared to you is some ways to approach and close the God. If you have any ways, please do not hesitate to share your experience to everyone.


Thank you so much for your time to read my article. Hopefully, you have a great enjoy time to discover it. My expectation is to share my story and get your feedback, your story. If you have any questions or anything else about my post, please leave your comments at the bottom. I am really excited to wait for your story.

Best regards,


Lynh Nguyen