Name: Jaaxy Research Tool


Price: 3 options


Owner: Kyle Loudoun and Carson Lim

Rate: 98 out of 100

What is Jaaxy Research Tool? An Overview

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool provides the keyword data and analyze the data for your research keywords including the average searching keyword per month, the number of competing websites ranked, available domains related your keyword. Once thing importantly is Jaaxy Research Tool shows up SEO (search engine optimization) number to help users deciding choice research keywords or not. As SEO power is based on the previous scores and ranking from 0 to 100, the number tells you if your keyword is good for SEO. The higher number is the better. Over 80 is really good. Besides that, Jaaxy Research Tool is very easy to use and understand all number data from your searching. For my experience, if I want to success business online, I know that keywords are very important. Keywords help my post and your post to get the higher ranking in Google and attract audiences to visit a website. Keyword is one of factors to get more traffic for a website.

The Pros and the Cons for Jaaxy Research Tool

1/ The Pros

– You can check out for FREE while 30 days trial. You get 30 FREE searches keywords to try out the software.

– Jaaxy is directly online software. You do not need to download or upgrade. So, you access the Internet, you can use anywhere such as at school, public library, office and so on.

– Jaaxy is one of the great research platform to be easy using to research and find out keywords

– Jaaxy contains some training videos for beginners how to use the tool step by step detail and specific

– All the information is real time, always the newest update. Do not worry that you are searching the outdated keywords.

– When you search your keyword, Jaaxy offers your related keywords to save your time from searching.

– You can find out the available domains within Jaaxy Research Tool

– One special thing that if you are Premium Member at Wealthy Affiliate. So, you can use Jaaxy totally FREE, also you can make money from affiliate link is provided from Jaaxy Research Tool. Wow, I think that it is the best deal for person who would like to get passive income from affiliate marketing field.

2/ The Cons

– Jaaxy is not really cheap for those who are newbie

– The FREE trial is very limited. If you want to use fully features, you should to update PRO or ENTERPRISE option

Jaaxy tools and training

The below video explains and trains how to use Jaaxy Research Tool effective and efficient.


In Conclusion

Jaaxy Research Tool is one of the best keyword research to help you analyze, consider and search the great keyword to your post in order to get the higher ranking and matching your keywords to customer’s keyword is finding and searching. Hopefully my review post to assist your objective and subjective thinking about the tool. Please do not hesitate to leave your comment, if you have any questions or opinions about my reviews.

Best Regards,

Lynh Nguyen