Nowadays, the Internet is developing promptly and it is the great tool to support people to make money online. I had an opportunity to know some ways making money online such as participation one system sale online to get commission from recruit people into system and sell products or start a blog in the right niche, with the right content targeted at the right audience, you could make a tremendous amount of passive income and last thing is affiliate marketing which is I would like to try. Fortunately, I found one post about affiliate marketing program with step by step training simple, understandably how to have passive income. So, I really would like to share my processing at the Weathy Affiliate where I dare to dream and be self-confidence to make my dream come true.

Wealthy Affiliate- The Overview and Rankings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner: Kyle & Carson

Website URL:

Training: 4.8 out of 5

Support: 5 out of 5

Website Builder: 4.9 out of 5

WordPress Hosting: 4.8 out of 5

Research Tools: 4.6 out of 5

Success Stories: 4.5 out of 5

Price: Starter member ( Free) ; Premium member ( $49/ month or $359/ year) Rating: 4.8 out of 5

What is Wealthy Affiliate Program?

Firstly, I would like to introduce about Wealthy Affiliate. It is the program to assist, support trainees step by step how to create own website? How to build up and keep up the ranking own website in Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on? How to use affiliate link to add your quality content to make money by commission? And the Wealthy Affiliate is also the social communication so we can support and help each other 24/7. Before I participated the Weathy Affiliate, I had ever thought that was it scam? Could it help me to make passive income? Wealthy Affiliate simply gives to you step by step training and tools to assist you started on making an affiliate marketing business. There are lots of to learn to be a successful affiliate marketing. The rest of is you as if you want to be a successful any field, you should effort the best, study and work hard. For the beginning, nothing is easy, but you try the best, invest your time and your money, once day in the future you will achieve your goal and you will share your achievement to many and many people to help them to be successful as same as you. This is the lesson that I learned at the Wealthy Affiliate.

The things to bring for you when purchasing the Wealthy Affiliate Program

Basic SEO

Basic SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic. For the Wealthy Affiliate provides step by step to set up SEO, build your own niche website, creating posts/ pages/ custom menus and understanding keyword research

Build Your Own Traffic

Traffic is also essential to contribute your successful affiliate marketing. For this part, the Wealthy Affiliate helps you to build your own domain, create keyword rich content, understand the Low Hanging Fruit to your post, the way to boosting your Wealthy Affiliate Ranks. And specially, you have a great training for ” The Customer Purchase Life Cycle” to understand and comprehend your audience what they really need and how your niche is the choice to your customers.

Make Money Online

I know that you are really serious how to make money online at Wealthy Affiliate program. Throughout the training, the Wealthy Affiliate guides you join affiliate network, add affiliate links to your pages and create quality content. And then, you will use the affiliate link from Wealthy Affiliate or any companies within your writing post and publish your post at your site in order to promote products and get the commission from its. It is very simple to understand the operation of Wealthy Affiliate Program, but we have to learn a lots of things such as how to choose the right niche? how to build and design your own website? how to create the quality content? How to get the traffic from Google/ Bing or Yahoo? How to attract visitors to come your website? and so on . However,  I am feeling so lucky to know the Wealthy Affiliate as I have an opportunity to learn and get training step by step very detail from successful people, they always help and support you 24/7 until you will generate revenue from your business online. This is the reason why I would like to share my knowledge and my experience to you. And now is your turn, it is the great chance for you to change your mind and your life. Are you willing to try? Are you willing to create your life is better in the future?

Mastering Social Engagement

Social Media is developing rapidly such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. Fortunately, the Wealthy Affiliate gives lessons to create social medias, the useful ways to appliance the social medias and engage to customers to your website/ your comments not wasting time or money.


I have is the great value and knowledge to interaction to social Wealthy Affiliate communication. In there, we can learn, share and help each other to build up our website to be successful together. I think that Wealthy Affiliate always provides unlimited knowledge to trainee and they are willing to assist when a membership has any problem or issues while time to get the training. This is one of the best thing I received from the Weathy Affiliate. We learn together, work together and be successful together, too.

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Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a free 7-day trial. The best deal for a next month premium and also you can cancel anytime if you are not satisfied
  • Unlimited knowledge, training from successful affiliate marketing people
  • The social communication at Wealthy Affiliate is real and willing to help, support you 24/7
  • New webinars are released every month
  • Some great training course to really understand and comprehend about a niche and an audience
  • Focus on both the quality and helpful content and social media, page-off SEO.


  • Can be difficult to navigate as they provide as many as resources to learn the affiliate marketing
  • To be patience, effort, take your time and your cost to follow up step by step training. (You are successful or unsuccessful, it is up totally you)
  • Does not talk in-depth about some field or area of the most important elements of affiliate marketing. They teach everything, you should know what is the most essential to develop or improve your niche or your website.
  • It is not a product or a system. It is the course education to assist you to create website, traffic, affiliate link by yourself. Therefore, It really needs your effort every day, focus and invest your time and your money to develop your own website and have strongly knowledge to stand up at the affiliate marketing online


Thank you so much for your time to read my article. It is only my subjective about the course at Wealthy Affiliate. To be honest, in my opinion that the most thing make us to be successful in business online is a mindset. If you want to make money quick scheme, I don’t think that this is the right program for you since for the program needs processing time and effort to learn every day. Therefore, having the right mindset is one of the most important things to get the right way affiliate marketing program. We only have once life, so if you are interested and would like to try joining the program. Why not? We can learn new things to support, improve your ways to make money more colorful and more ideas in the business online. Once again, thank you so much for your time to read my post. If you have any questions or any feedback, please do not hesitate to leave your comment at the bottom of my post.


Best Regards,


Lynh Nguyen