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My Origin Story

The Backstory:

I was an International Student in Canada. I graduated Accounting major at college and learned some knowledge about business online. To be honest, I really wanted to find the great job in the sooner and make lots of money to get freedom financial, to provide and take care my parents. Besides that, I have dreamed to build up my own family and we will travel around the world together. Unfortunately, I haven’t found my Accounting job that I graduated in June 2019. Definitely, I was really upset and disappointed myself. I tried to find the other jobs and apply all type of jobs such as Cashier, Waitress, ChildCare, Warehouse Labour and so on. Recently, I have worked Waitress Position at a restaurant. I always remind and support myself that I have to attempt and never give up. Because, I believe that the new opportunity would become my life and lead me to make my dream come true.

My Desires:

I desired to be able to find the right way for my business online and build up it effective and efficient. Further, I really would like to have freedom financial and help people to solve struggles in their business online.

External Struggle:

The thing is I was pressuring to find my Accounting job. I had ever felt that I was not enough good to find a great job. I had stressful myself that who was I? What did I really want? Where was the navigation for myself? So many many questions were in my brain. Once year ago, I took tons of time to research and try many types of business online such as recruiting people into system, selling goods on Amazon, Shopify, Dropshipping. In my head, I was always scared to think that I could not do it. It was not for me and I never took action. That meant I wasn’t able to seek the way to make my dream come true.

Internal Struggle:

To make things worse, I felt terrible and wasted lots of time to do nothing because I couldn’t have freedom financial and not yet achieved my goal. In addition to that, my parents still worried and supported for me. I felt even worse about the situation because for my goal, I really wished to provide and care to my parents. They are always sacrificed tons of time and money to bring the best things for my life. I owed them too much, I promised myself that I have to success to give the great things for the rest of my parents’s life. At that moment, I felt like jumping off a building. I could not touch my planning.

The Wall:

The main problem was that I graduated already and couldn’t find my job. I had to find waitress, warehouse general, or anything jobs in Indeed app. I have lived too far my parents and I didn’t want my parents had very anxious about me. I didn’t find the great opportunity to develop and build up my dream in Canada. Sometimes, I was feeling lonely, lost navigation, unknowing what was the next step would I do? How long did I have to wait my chance? So many many questions and feeling internal. Which meant if I couldn’t find the Accounting job, I wouldn’t build up my life better and also couldn’t take care my parents. I gave up, I had to accept it and did not dare to think my big dream.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

The Epiphany:

That’s when I trusted and offered my life to the God, following up and obeying Him, so my life was changed forever. Instead of thinking negative, feeling to be shame, upset and inferiority complex. I changed my mind as my faithful. Once again, I started to research and discover some model business online. I always believe that once day in the future I would build up my business online successful by the right system. Fortunately, I have discovered Affiliate Marketing for 3 months and Click Funnel software for a month. Finally, my mindset is changed. I can absolutely that the Click Funnel is the great tool to generate a lead and create more customers for my business online.

It was now crystal clear to me how to make money from handle everything such as a website, logo, contents, niches, traffic and so on. Now, I realize that I should have a sale funnel to set up and develop my business online automatic instead of doing everything by my non-experience. Therefore, I decide on creating and applying the sale funnel into my website in order to increase my traffic and lead in people who are struggles how to build up and make money online at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

I also learned that traditional websites have to invest a lot of time and money to design ( logo, website), run ads in social media, great skills to write quality contents. But it doesn’t really have effective to make more money and increase the traffic. It was my experience that I have one website, I tried to learn and do everything. And my big problem was I didn’t know how could I get more customers to visit my website? How could I design the great website and logo? But, when I knew to Russell Brunson who is Co-founder/ CEO of the Click Funnel software, he said that instead of you ask how to do it? You should ask yourself is who can do it? Who can help you to build up my business stable and durable. At this time, I opened my mind and changed mindset. If I cannot do everything, I should focus on my strengths and seek people who are professional to help and assist my business online. You need to stop doing everything and focusing on your strengths to figure out some great ideas and grow up your business. For my opinion, you have actually sale funnel to aid your business online more successful and get more traffic. Everything will be useless if you don’t have traffic, the idea to create and set up the sale funnels will change your mind and help you to get more traffic by the great tooling and training.

As a result, I found the right way for my business online. Instead of I have to do everything for my business, I use the Click Funnel to create my template, promote my business automated and get more customers from the sale funnel. One more important thing that I would like to help starters business online do not waste time and money as sames as me. This is the reason why I want to share my story and my journey to you.

After I did that, I start to use the funnel scripts to create my hooks, stories and offers. Also, I can create my ads and publishing on social media by the Click Funnel. I don’t need to do everything as the Click Funnel prepares, answers and leads in all my questions and my problems.

At this moment, I am focusing on the hooks, stories and offers to deliver the great value product to customers instead of sitting around begging for anyone to come take a look.

That’s when I recognized that the secret to complete my goal and learned some new things in online how to make money was creating sale funnels instead of trying to pull people to buy somethings that is invalid for their business. I am so grateful the God to give for me the chance to know Russell Brunson. Totally doubtless, I changed my mind and said that “ah-ha”, finally I found it, I can own my traffic and get the solid funnels for my business.

The Plan:

My plan was to start creating actually sales funnel for my product that had better potential to make money than did everything by myself.

So, firstly I was creating funnels for wealthy affiliate marketing. But I didn’t stop there.

I then shared and helped people to know about wealthy affiliate marketing and how to use the Click Funnel to kickoff and run a business.

Further, I would like to support and provide the best value system and the huge knowledge to everyone who is finding the system to begin and grow up the business online real and legal.

But there was still a problem…

The Conflict:

Even after all that, things were still not perfect. Here’s what I mean each affiliate marketing to learn, it takes a long time to start up and make money. For the affiliate marketing, I should study hard and get more training how to write down the quality content? How to attract customers to visit a website? How to use the PPC and some ads on social media are powerful and profitable? All of them is the long term process and I always effort and never give up. But, luckily, I knew the One Funnel Away Challenge (30 days), it is the great course to help, support and resolve all above questions asking how to do it. Now, I am going to seek who can do it? Who can help me? Certainly, I found the Click Funnel software to resolve all my struggles. But, both the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing and the Click Funnel need your time and effort to run and make money online stable and legal.

The Achievement:

I ended up getting so frustrated that I decided to create a platform that would make it really easy for me to create sale funnels for Wealthy Affiliate Marketing by Click Funnel software

I chose to call it “is Funnel Wealthy Affiliate Marketing”.

I thought if I could create something that would make it possible and simple to create a funnel system to bring the great value to customers in a single day. I’d be really happy.

After one year to research and explore some methods to make extra money online. I have already owned my website, build up my niche. Further, now I am creating sale funnels to continually expand and get more traffic throughout the Click Funnel tool.

The sounds were almost good. I can build a website under 2 minutes with all automatically system. Further, I am using the Click Funnel software to set up my template, draw up my hooks, stories and offers through the Funnel Script and completely step is increasingly traffic.

I then started to let other Starters Business Online is Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

As a result of all this I was able to achieve the following:

Within 3 months, I could find a niche and own my website. I have the huge communication affiliate marketers to support and work together in the platform. I have some affiliate links to make money such as Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon, EBay, Click Funnel.

The Transformation:

After exploring Wealthy Affiliate Marketing and Click Funnel, I am living and pursuing my dream. Definitely, I trust that as soon as sooner, I can take care and bring the best things to my parents. I’ve also been able to stop wasting a lot of time to effort and try many types of business online. I have already had foundation and solid funnel to maintain and evolve my business online reliable and steady. Because I can now create my website quickly, know and get the great sale funnels for business online without spending tons of time to be scared and skeptical that does it work? Is it scam? How much money to invest? Is it value? All questions in my brain has been answered when I learned and applied Click Funnel software into my product.

And in the end, all of this means I’m able self-confident pursue and make my dream come true in the sooner. Absolutely, I am here to share and help starter people who are struggles to begin and grow up the online business instantly and steady.

Best Regards,

Lynh Nguyen

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